Digital printing

Digital Printing

In November 2014 we installed a Xerox J75 digital press which was new to the market . We have viewed this as a stimulus to change our strategy and start trying to take on more work and compete more directly.

Digital print now matches the quality of Lithographic printing in many respects, so it is ideal for short to medium run full colour or mono print jobs. Digital technology also enables any personalised printing.

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In early 1954, Mr A F Kilby, Havering-atte-Bower, Romford, Essex, printed issue Newsletter No 10 for the Society. It consisted of a folded foolscap sheet, duplicated, on 4 pages.  Successive Editors, including me from 1982, gradually prepared larger Newsletters and to forward copy to Kilby’s at Havering-atte-Bower, 4 times per year.  However in 1983, after nearly 30 years of faithful service to the I & B PS, I received a telephone call from Mrs Patricia Gaskin, daughter of Jerry Kilby. Her father had died and on his desk was an envelope, marked “Urgent”, with my latest copy. I expressed my sorrow at her father’s passing but had to admit that we had no contingency plans for printing Newsletters in the future. Although no longer living at home, Pat had grown up amid her parents’ local duplicating business and was familiar with the regular Newsletters prepared for our Society; the first regular customer of the Kilby Duplicating Service.  The envelope contained an auction list and not a Newsletter and to her great credit, Pat offered to prepare the Listing for us. This was a great relief to me! We were happy with the result and I tentatively requested her to prepare the December 1983 Newsletter No 133, which she also agreed to do. The firm became KDS Print and more recently “Printing for Pleasure” but it still prints our Newsletters. The most recent edition was May 2015, No. 241, which represents continuous service for over 60 years and over 230 issues!

Various changes have been made since 1983. Pat moved the business from Havering-atte-Bower to her home in Chattisham, Suffolk. She enrolled as a student at the local Printing College and was soon able to print our Newsletter, instead of duplicating it. We also agreed to a change in the shape of the Newsletter away from the imperial measurement to the standard A5 size of pages. Modern technology has resulted in copy being sent by email, instead of by post. Pat has had to engage staff, familiar with the latest IT methods.  She was always extremely helpful to me as I struggled to keep to deadlines, whilst working full-time. In retirement I still struggle, but now, Jason and Tina are every bit as friendly and helpful as Pat. Nothing is too much trouble for them.

I have been very happy to recommend KDS Print (now Printing for Pleasure) to at least 2 other Stamp Societies, The Channel Islands’ Specialist Society and the British Thematic Association and their editors are very satisfied with the quality of their printing and their service.

Brian Sole

Editor “I.&B. P.S. Newsletter”

13 July 2015