Lithographic printing

Lithographic printing

Printing hasn’t really changed a great deal since Gutenburg invented the printing press in 1468, the principle of applying pressure to an inked surface resting upon paper, thereby transferring an offset of an image, remains the same.

Here at Printing for Pleasure, we believe that lithography remains the most efficient process and also boasts superior quality and finish. It is by far the most flexible in terms of printing stock, inks and finishes

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In 1989 The Elmswell Newsletter was recommended to what was KDS Printers.   We moved, and we’re still there 26 years later. 
Although now Printing for Pleasure they provide the same excellent service that has helped us grow from 8 mono A5 pages  of bog-standard village magazine to a full colour 32 page A4  monthly servicing 1700 households and businesses in our community every month.  A magazine that has achieved the Suffolk Newsletter of the Year award for 5 of the last 6 years.  A  community effort producing a surplus of £10,000+ annually for village projects, but in no small part down to the help, advice and guidance of the Printing for Pleasure team.  They know our house style and they make a massive contribution to the design process to  make The Elmswell Newsletter a monthly treat.  And all for a price which, whenever we’ve tested it, has never been beaten.

Over the years the village has used them for all sorts of community jobs – from the humble Village Plan through to the on-line questionnaire design for our current Neighbourhood Plan. 
Short of moving them to the village, we couldn’t ask for more – they are, we feel, our own in-house printers.

Peter Dow

Clerk of Elmswell Parish Council